Kastow is a city on the Alphos side of the Drantis River and is home to mainly humans and gnomes. Directly across the river from Hemet, its sister city in Mordock, Kastow is a large trading hub and sends many exports downstream to end up at the port in Fessikton. Due to the money and goods passing through Kastow, it holds many large manors as well as slums for the dock workers. Thanks to the wizard academy, Kastow is rich with magical conveniences.

The city is run by a small consortium of traders and scholars allowing for a balance of ideas. The chair of the consortium is the head patron for the museum of arts at the academy, a learned human named Zet Kemrel.

Kastow is home to one of the Great Academies, Magni Libri. A training school for wizards, this establishment brings much acclaim to the city.

Population: 6,000

Main Export: Lumber and Books


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