Kroaxis Cities

Each player will run an entire city. Each city will have its own stats, shops, leader, coffers, feat, and heroes assigned.

The city's stats will be used to negotiate with the Merchant King.

Each city's shops will be available to all heroes but some special rules apply.

The leader will act as a player in control of the city using its stats in overworld goings on.

The city coffer will act as a repository for the monetary rewards handed out for missions.

Each city will be granted a feat based on the city's design. This feat will be granted to all heroes originating from the city.

Each city will have 3 heroes at any given time. Instead of heroes gaining individual experience, the experience will be granted to cities. As the city levels up, the heroes within the city level up. Levels, however, will take double their usual experience.

The cities will use the following sheet:

Kroaxis Cities

Kroaxis wulfchilde