Kroaxis City Stats

Each player run city in Kroaxis will have 3 city stats: Diplomacy, Military, and Economy. Each stats refers to one of the mission types to be chosen from the Merchant King and can be used to negotiate for a better deal for only the city which decides to negotiate. The stat must line up with the mission type in order to be used.

The stats will be rolled as a single d4 at the beginning of the game for each stat.

You may negotiate with the Merchant King at the beginning of each mission if you choose to by rolling a d20 and adding your stat to it. If you pass the check, you succeed in increasing your reward, but at the expense of a stat point. If you fail your negotiation, no stat point is expended, but you have wasted the Merchant King's time and he will not appreciate that. If you have a 0 stat, you have no negotiating power and may not attempt a roll.

Stat points may be purchased to increase your likelihood of succeeding a negotiation or to replace points lost from previous negotiations. The price to purchase a stat point is on the Kroaxis price sheet.

Kroaxis City Stats

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