Norda, the capitol of Norden, is midway between the Glemmon River and Fessik Wall of Kroaxis and is home to mainly humans but also hosts a considerable population of dragonborn. Much like many royal cities, its cobblestone street are adorned with the colors of the king's family. It has a devout population loyal to The Church of the Holy Hydra which governs the actions of most citizens. While it is the official religion of Norden, the worship of other gods is not strictly forbidden.

The city and nation are run by King Torland Grey. He is beloved by his people and is a skilled swordsman and decision maker.

Norda is also home to one of the Great Academies, Holy Hydra Seminary. A training school for clerics, this establishment brings much acclaim to the city.

Population: 24,000

Main Export: Religious Texts and Spell Scrolls


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