The Church of the Holy Hydra

The official religion of Norden, the Church of the Holy Hydra is an old dragonborn religion which was adopted long ago by the royal family of King Torland Grey who has made it his life's work to spread the religion as far and wide as he is able. Within Norden, both Holy Hydra Seminary and Hands of the Hydra teach its liturgy to their students. Although it is the official religion, others are not outlawed or even directly discouraged.

The spiritual head of the church is the prophet Father Echlam Vron who leads the church by revelation. The idea of the Holy Hydra is that each god represents a single head of the Holy Hydra, making them all aspects of a single deity. Clerics are taught to appreciate balance in all things, good and evil as they are both represented in the Holy Hydra. Paladins, however, tend to focus on working for only the good and see the bad as just a necessary binary of their deity.

The image of the Holy Hydra itself is portrayed as a gargantuan wingless, yet dragon-like creature with 12 heads each extending on a long, slender neck from its formidable body. There are 2 main heads extending above the rest representing the greater gods of Samas and Bayne. Below them are a row of 5 more heads representing the lesser gods and another row just below that of spectral heads representing the old gods. Each head has characteristics unique to the god it represents. In the past, revelations have been made of new heads forming and old ones being cut off. The followers of the church believe the Holy Hydra to be a genuine entity which resides in the deep ocean. Whether or not it will ever breach and show itself is yet to be foretold by any prophet, living or dead.

The church is generally tolerated outside of Norden, but some see it as cult-like though it is by all accounts a peaceful religion. Most of the pushback to the church is the idea that since it is led by revelation instead of scripture, its future is unpredictable and possibly dangerous.

The Church of the Holy Hydra

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