Variant Rules

Plot Points
Each player can, once per session, use a plot point. Once it is unanimously agreed to, a randomly rolled other player will complicate. The complication also need to be unanimously agreed to.

Soulbound Items
Soulbound items do not take an attunement slot, but are bound to the character who spends an hour meditating over it. The item will not become unbound as long as that player is alive.

Wild Talents
We will not be using Wild Talents in this campaign. Instead special bonuses will be granted on occasion.

A short rest will be one hour, a long rest will be 8 hours. RAW will be used to determine what is regained on each rest.

Exhaustion is punishing and will be rarely given. It will not occur when recovering from unconsciousness.

Potion Mixing
We will be using the RAW potion mixing variant in the PHB.

Initiative Rules
If you crit on the initiative roll your first attack will have advantage. If you fumble on the initiative roll your first attack will have disadvantage.

Height Advantage
Height advantage will not be granted on ranged attacks, but it will increase range slightly.

Using Hit Dice
If you are proficient in medicine or use a Healer’s Kit, you may gain back half the hit die + CON if you roll below half the die. If not, you must use the roll.

When a player scores a crit, max out damage dice and roll them again. The target will suffer a lingering injury.

Lingering Injuries
When crit, a creature must roll a d20.

1 – Lose an eye
2 – Lose a foot or leg
3 – Lose a hand or arm
4 to 16 – Cannot use bonus actions until the end of next turn
17 to 20 – Scar

Fumbles will be dealt with by DM discretion.

Variant Rules

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