Founded almost 150 years ago and loosely governed by Breward Fessik, Kroaxis is a nation made of cities, towns, and enterprises straddling the Kroaxin River and surrounding area. A coastal nation with a major port city, the demographics of Kroaxis vary widely.

After capturing or purchasing a large area now known as The Head, Fessik built the eponymous Fessik Wall and Breward Keep to protect his investment. Realizing that controlling the Kroaxin River would lead to better trading agreements, he expanded into an area known as The Handle. After half a century of expansion, Breward decided to make peace with his neighbors as a way to increase trade. The twelve Great Academies were formed to tie the area together. The past hundred years have been relatively peaceful, but old grudges are not easily forgotten.

The main part of Kroaxis in the east is known as The Head. It is well fortified and is where the majority of the population of Kroaxis resides. The larger western tract is known as The Handle. It is sparsely populated chiefly by loggers, trappers, and people who enjoy being frequently attacked by animals and humanoids alike.

The capitol city, Fessikton, sits on the far eastern border with the sea. The cities of Kroaxis govern themselves, but they are subject to fair taxation by the Merchant King in return for protection and a few civil services. They are also required to house a militia of volunteers to act as special forces for the Kroaxian military. Almost any form of government is allowed as long as Fessik deems it as good for business.

Kroaxis is also home to three of the twelve Great Academies: Mockingbird Institute for bards, Birchwalk Academy for rangers, and The Crimson Palm for rogues. Each academy focuses on a single class, but they have interaction with the others in the form of competitions every 10 years. Once a person is finished at their academy, they generally return to their home town to join the militia until they are ready to retire into civilian life. It is considered an honor to be accepted into the Great Academies.

Kroaxis borders 3 other nations: Alphos directly to the south, Mordock southwest past the Drantis River, and Norden to the north.

For special rules about the Kroaxis campaign, please visit the Kroaxis Rules page.


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