The Vision Quest

Mission Report: Ash

Mission Objective: Breward Fessik requested that we perform a diplomatic mission to the barbarian camp to the west to open trade options and other diplomatic benefits.

There were 6 of us on this mission:
1. Myself – representing Cevrolis
2. Otis – representing Dexnia
3. Mugdare – representing Tsing Tsing
4. Gino – representing Detroit
5. Nadal – representing Ryld Prison
6. Shamgar – did not represent a city

When we arrived at Graddox we were greeted with mild hostility or distrust by everyone except for their spiritual leader, Groat Urzen. Groat was inviting and allowed us to stay in his home for the night. He had suggested that before diplomatic ties could be established that we needed to prove our strength to his clan – so he sent us on a “Vision Quest”. We were to eat herbs and complete the mission we were willed to perform afterward.

We left the morning after being given the herbs to consume and made camp about a half-day west of Graddox at a place they called Great Bear Post. Once we got there we all consumed the herbs, as instructed, and began to hallucinate. This was quite an unsettling feeling but after a while we saw that a cave entrance had opened up in a nearby wall – so we entered.

Once we entered the cave we were attacked by what looked like fiends of some kind but we dispatched them fiercely and swiftly. As we made our way to the end of the cavern we found ourselves in we fought many other things that we handily ended (overall we killed Chain Devils, Skeletons, Basilisks, Tar Wolves, and Zombie Sabers). At the end, and after we killed everything else in the cave that attacked us, we had to fight a rather large spirit creature – a very large Werebear.

We dispatched him with some difficulty and passed out for a while afterward… Once we regained consciousness we realized that we had earned a boon from the completed quest and became tougher just as the Barbarians of Graddox had – something they called Great Bear Umbra.

When we returned to Graddox we were not treated with mistrust or aggression further. We were returned to Groat Urzen and he confirmed that we had indeed proven ourselves. We were even given their Warcheif’s Axe as a token of acceptance – I’m only hoping that Breward Fessik understands its meaning.

After this we returned here with no difficulty on the well traveled roads and, I believe, successfully completed the diplomatic mission to Graddox.



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