Breward Fessik

The Merchant King of Kroaxis


As likable as he is shrewd, this white-bearded dwarf hasn’t swung an axe since childhood.


After establishing the nation of Kroaxis at a relatively young age, Breward Fessik has been in charge for almost 150 years from his offices in Fessikton. He likes to give people chances and understands that while there’s more to life than money, it has always served him well.

After capturing or purchasing a large area now known as The Head, he built the eponymous Fessik Wall and Breward Keep to protect his investment. Realizing that controlling the Kroaxin River would lead to better trading agreements, he expanded into an area known as The Handle. After half a century of expansion, Breward decided to make peace with his neighbors as a way to increase trade. The twelve Great Academies were formed to tie the area together. The past hundred years have been relatively peaceful, but old grudges are not easily forgotten.

Breward Fessik

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