Gadrel Thundu

A dwarf of ancient royalty


Gadrel Thundu is a serious dwarf who holds the livelihood of his people above all else in the world. The throne of Burzar in Mordock has been passed down through countless generations of the Thundu family name. Nestled within the Mordock Range and well protected from the outside world, Burzar has survived for many centuries and was totally secluded until the rise of the nation of Kroaxis which made trade an attractive prospect.

It was Gadrel himself who decided to open Burzar to the world. Though the decision weighed heavily on him, he knew that isolationism would no longer sustain his people in a world where every other nation was advancing alongside each other. He appreciates the Merchant King’s dwarven heritage which has lead to a good relationship between the two.


Gadrel Thundu

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