A breathtaking creature of awesome power


Oversees Magni Libri in Kastow, Alphos, one of the twelve Great Academies.

Originally an Alhoon Illithid, Lugribossk acquired amazing arcane abilities and was forced out of his home within the deep caverns of the Mordock Range. After being captured by the powerful wizards of Magni Libri, many arcane procedures were performed on him in order to control him as a tool without its own will. He now acts as a psychic repository for all the information of the members of a highly secretive group of professors known as The Arcane Council. Better than any book, they may telepathically tap into Lugribossk and store and share knowledge that would not be possible to communicate any other way. Though he is no longer sentient at this point, he is one of the most valuable members of Magni Libri. Since they are able to control him physically and mentally, he acts as The Arcane Council’s proxy while they are hidden away in their tower.



Kroaxis Zorzech