Rask Trand

A vengeful dragonborn female who never shows her face


Oversees Hands of the Hydra in Gatefield, Norden, one of the twelve Great Academies.

One of the true natives of Norden, the Trand family ruled from their original home of Trand Island in Glemmon Lake before humans arrived. She has given up any claims her family once had in service of The Church of the Holy Hydra. She is devout and serious and never shows her face. Some believe she gave it the the Holy Hydra itself. Some believe it’s penance for her past sins. Some believe it’s to eschew vanity and give all glory to only the Holy Hydra. But truly, no one knows exactly why and she has never volunteered the reason. She is a fierce fighter with the might and vengeance of her deity’s blessing with every swing of her sword and she passes that on to new paladins.


Rask Trand

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