Breward Keep

Breward Keep sits at the southwestern point of Fessik Wall. Built 100 years ago by order of Breward Fessik, Breward Keep is still relatively new and houses modern battlements and quarters. It acts as an outpost for intelligence and communications for the surrounding area outside of Kroaxis as well as a formidable fortress.

Aside from the Keep itself, inside Fessik Wall there is a considerable town comprised mostly of farmers and workers dedicated to keeping the fortress stocked with food, armaments, and supplies.

Breward Keep is run by the half orc Captain Dervist Grant. Loyal to the Merchant King, he is highly intelligent and able to sort out useful information.

Breward Keep is also home to one of the Great Academies, Birchwalk Academy. A training school for rangers, this establishment brings much acclaim to the outpost.

Population: 8,000

Main Export: Weapons and Armor

Breward Keep

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