The capitol city of Kroaxis located in The Head, Fessikton is governed by Breward Fessik, the Merchant King. It is a major port city that both imports and exports the world over leading to a highly diverse populous. With goods and people constantly moving through Fessikton, it is easy for things to disappear or for a person to get lost in the crowd. Thanks to The Crimson Palm being based in Kroaxis, Breward Fessik has a large network of shady agents to sniff out inconsistencies in logbooks and travel records and bring them to his attention.

Fessikton is also home to one of the Great Academies, Mockingbird Institute. A training school for bards, this establishment brings much acclaim to the city.

Population: 31,000

Main Export: Fessikton is in the unique position within the area to not need to produce much. As a trading port city, it focuses on profiting from dealmaking.


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