Great Academies

Within Kroaxis and its neighboring nations, there are 12 Great Academies, one for each class. The Great Academies accept students looking to hone their skills and progress as an adventurer. It is considered a great honor to attend.

The twelve Great Academies were created 80 years ago as an attempt to tie Kroaxis and its three neighbors closer together. It gives students an opportunity to live in another place, learning about its local culture and acting as a emissary for their homeland. It has helped keep the peace between four nations that may otherwise war with each other.

Each 10 years, the academies hold a competition to test the skills of their students. Though only bragging rights are offered as a prize, each academy takes this challenge very seriously and only allow their best and brightest to compete.

Spread over multiple countries, the Great Academies are as follows:

Barbarians – Great Bear WarcampGraddox, Mordock

Bards – Mockingbird InstituteFessikton, Kroaxis

Clerics – Holy Hydra SeminaryNorda, Norden

Druids – The EvergreensValonde, Alphos

Fighters – His Majestys Training GroundsWestford, Norden

Monks – The Temple of EternityHemet, Mordock

Paladins – Hands of the HydraGatefield, Norden

Rangers – Birchwalk AcademyBreward Keep, Kroaxis

Rogues – The Crimson PalmShatter Point, Kroaxis

Sorcerers – The Hall of ElementsGrahamond, Alphos

Warlocks – Fallen GablesBurzar, Mordock

Wizards – Magni LibriKastow, Alphos

Great Academies

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