Mordock is an alliance between the local dwarves in the Mordock Range mountains, the orcs occupying the lowlands, and the variety of races settled on the banks of the Drantis River which act as a single sovereign entity. They all are able to provide each other with the provisions necessary to live in such a harsh place. It is an area south of the Kroaxin River and west of the Drantis River, beyond which lies Alphos. Since Mordock is not officially an entirely unified nation, there is no capitol and no ruler. Each city state acts virtually independently but they can always count on their allied brothers for protection. They have become intertwined for survival.

Mordock is also home to three of the twelve Great Academies: Great Bear Warcamp for barbarians, The Temple of Eternity for monks, and Fallen Gables for warlocks.

List of cities:



Kroaxis Zorzech