Norden is a kingdom north of Kroaxis and the Kroaxin River. It is populated mainly by humans but also boasts a large number of dragonborn inhabitants who have lived in the area since before humans arrived. Having both the Arturus and Glemmon rivers that run into the Kroaxin River, Norden is a valued trading partner for Kroaxis. The eastern portion of Norden is coastal and temperate with grassland and small forested areas but west of the Arturus River, it turns to desert. Between the Arturus and Glemmon rivers, where Gatefield sits, there is marshland.

Norden's official religion is The Church of the Holy Hydra, supported by the crown and evangelized fervently. Though it is the official religion, others are not outlawed. It has near universal support in the capitol of Norda and is relatively popular throughout the rest of the nation.

The capitol of Norden is Norda where sits the throne of King Torland Grey. He is a stern, middle-aged man who is a skilled fighter and an honorable ruler.

Norden is also home to three of the twelve Great Academies: Holy Hydra Seminary for clerics, His Majestys Training Grounds for fighters, and Hands of the Hydra for paladins.

List of cities:

Norda – Capitol


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